To all those boys who left their girls for someone else.

Not every boy is same as it seems. One can break you second one can also break you even third one can also break you. Are they not breaking you? or you are allowing them to break you? As i said every boy is no same you’ll meet a guy one day who is going to heal all your wounds and will accept and love you the way you are.

It’s pretty easy to read this title but do ask that girl who had been through this situation. She is the one who literally knows how many traumas she has inside her.

Every society has created that macho Image of every man/boy. Like they are the only one who are going to save this world and going to protect female gender. like literally??? Being a boy i have this question what have you done that you have this image in so called society. Let me ask Broked someone’s heart? Cheated on someone who was genuinely 100% yours? Abused a girl? Raped a girl? Molested someone? Or used someone for your own sake. Being a boy You loved her, you spent happy days and nights just to have her. You showed so much of love, trust and respect to her. when she was yours. You showed so much compassion that she felt you can never leave her. She introduced you to her family and close ones. She posted every good things about you. she started being the Queen of her own world just because of you. She became serious about her future and goals. you were there in her mind like almost all the time. She attached herself with you so badly that she never thought about detachment. She was even somehow Relyed on you for her own happiness.

But one day you did something which proved her that a guy can never be trustworthy, loyal and honest. You provoked all crooked things of a men in her. You disrespected her for no reason. Just because you wanted to go you did all such things which hurted her so much by your actions and words. She tolerated your physical abuse too which was not at all right . She tolerated your forceful sexual relationship because you wanted it to happen at consistent basis so that she can prove that she loves you. Even she realised that she needs to take stand for herself but at the end she found herself in that trap of your fake love. She was hoping that she’ll see some positive change in you one day. Have you ever felt that from what she had been through. In her home too she was disturbed with things. Tensed about her career. Started avoiding people. She was handling so many situations in one go. And that’s what shows a great attribute of a woman or girl. But you just focused on your satisfaction and lust. Treated her as per your wish sometimes as she don’t even exist and sometimes like first priority just to have those pleasure. You haven’t understood that a relationship is way beyond this thing. And you just left her for someone else. For your own selfishness? for a beautiful curves? for a beautiful face? for a perfect body? You know your own lust and greeds can never be satisfy because there are no limits for beauty. She realised that

You just did a murder to someone’s soul and you don’t deserve a happy life. May be she can’t tell to anyone how much she feel hurt but her soul cries infront of god daily. Even now she wonders that those moments which you have spend with her was genuine or it was just a game of lust. Because you proved her that people like you gain attraction in short run by showing your fakeness and your fake character but can’t work in long run. Because things will come in front one or the other day.

Karma will fuck you into million pieces that each piece will murder your soul million times and you will pleed for love and happiness that you will never going to get in life. The day she will get heal will be the day of your countdown. And for sure she is not going to repeat the same mistake again. and it will become so difficult for her to trust someone again. Because of what you did to her will make her insecure and trust issues will be there and credit goes to you for this. And she got to know one thing that trust issues are the curse given by your ex.

Even she wonders how can someone be Ok with hurting someone without even thinking what they have done to the other person. She got to know that no one is real. People can use you for anything and leave you whenever they want or whenever they see other options in front of them.

And one day you’ll regret and try to clear out the things. but you might not find her anywhere. and regret will go harder and harder. Which will kill you from inside. And at the end just think. You lost her? Or she lost you?

She had been through so much of pain which you can’t understand. Because of your own selfishness you left her. Now you don’t deserve to be in her good times either.

She realised one thing that being used to someone’s bad behavior doesn’t really mean that you are fine with it, but you have lost all the hopes that they could change.

She’ll be happy one day. Real man will tell her the real meaning of love and respect. And that day she’ll regret for choosing you as a partner in past. But it will be a happy regret.

And one day you’ll not even exist in her thoughts……….

Dear girls/women being a boy i just want to say you one thing.

If he wants you. He’ll show. If he comes and goes, He won’t stay. If he is in doubt then he is not the one. Let him buy you flowers not excuses. Try to know the difference between love and wasting time. If he is genuine then your inner voice will tell you. Don’t believe your eyes but do believe your inner voice. Because it will become really difficult to see the difference between love and fakeness when you are in love. So go with your gut feeling. It will help you out. Your body can easily figure out positive or negative vibes of the other person. You just need to catch it right.

If you are going through bad time. One day You will heal, things will be normal again. Just keep learning from your mistakes. Trust yourself and keep going…… BE HAPPY 😊

Sonu Kaushik

Published by Sonu Kaushik

Trying to make this world and myself peaceful by my words.

17 thoughts on “To all those boys who left their girls for someone else.

  1. Sonu, you show beautiful empathy for women wronged by men. It took a little life experience for me to understand that men have similar feelings and can be hurt in much the same way as women. My message to men is to drop the macho act. Let’s relate to each other as human beings with kindness and understanding, while learning to guard ourselves against those who are fake.

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  2. Better being dumped than yourself be the dumper ❗At least you have no regrets afterwards. Hurt pride is not the worst of your problems. See it this way: They actually do you a fever. Would you #really want to continue with him? Women will live after breakups. There’s new adventure.

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      1. It doesn’t really matter, why the man leaves her, in the end. She’ll probably be grateful he didn’t continue something he doesn’t fully support. She’ll even appreciate him worrying about her well-being; having remorse. These are signs of decency.

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      2. One or the other day things will matter.
        Maintaining this decency requires alot of will power. And it’s one of the good thing one could have.
        Do forgive but don’t forget what they have done. And forgiving doesn’t mean things have solved naahh. It means you have this much of courage to forgive someone who has destroyed you emotionally, mentally and may be physically.
        Leave silently without making much noise. Because creating nuisance will lead to more conflicts. Ending on a good note is one thing which is important. Many people fail to do so.
        So just be yourself and maintain decency 😊

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      3. Suppose I was indeed ‘destroyed’ by an ex, I would have gone after them, likely legally. But if not so & the ex would have taken off decently, without abuses, I would not hinder their freedom. Granting another their freedom, sets me free, too.

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