Positive thinking

Positive thinking this can impact your life tremendously.

Have you ever thought how many of you have this thing in you? You may think that you have. But again ask yourself do you have this thing in you at consistent basis? Can you handle each and every situation the way you want to handle it?

Obviously it’s not that easy to be in a positive state all the time. There are so many unmanageable circumstances which may occur in your life and they may act as a obstacles in between you and your mind. You have only two options either you can run from it and sweep away. And second option is you can face it like a wall. And choosing any of the option reveals your thinking in a negative or a positive way.

Basic elements of positive thinking are Peace, Inner strength, Self-reflection. Peace always works as a initial step towards postivity. Postivity is basically about your stand point towards your life and your propensity to examine good in your life.

You might go through up and downs in your life. But you’ll be the only one who is going to face it and handle it.

One of the major section which influences your thinking is your social circle or friends circle. These zones some how impacts you either in a positive or negative way. So choose wisely.

Positive thinking can help you out in reaching your goal at consistent basis and it will make your life more smooth and beautiful. You just need to stand strong and face each and everything that life throws at you. Either gets bowled or hit a six it’s in your hand. BEHAPPY ALWAYS 😊

β€” Sonu kaushik

Published by Sonu Kaushik

Trying to make this world and myself peaceful by my words.

23 thoughts on “Positive thinking

  1. So true, I never really considered myself a pessimist; but when I consciously started cultivating a positive attitude my life changed. One thing you mentioned that stuck with me is the importance of your social circle. I think our friends are a big factor in our attitudes so it’s always good if our friends inspire us to be better versions of ourself

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  2. Try to consciously think positive all tha time no matter what situation you are in. Positive thinking is the basis of everything in life. I am always optimistic about anything that happens to me.

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  3. Having a pragmatic angle to my positivity helps me be at peace on the not so good days. On these days (thankfully they happen less than they used to) I struggle to see the good around me in my life. But, I have worked hard to help my mind knew on these days that today is not forever. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how small, and be at rest knowing I need it for whatever reason it may be.

    Thank you for your beautiful words, and your courage in sharing them.

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