Can we be a genuine and true friend of someone?

It’s quite fascinating to think can we be a genuine and true friend of someone or someone can be ours.
This is only feasible when you are true and genuine to yourself. Until you are not true to yourself how can you expect from someone to be true and genuine towards you.
And yes, people do say that friendship begin when there is mutual understanding between two people, respect towards each other, equality and so many things.

But from my own point of view friendship begins or initiates with your intention and other person’s intention towards you. It applies on both sides. Knowing someone’s intention may take time. If there is no meanness in your intention and your friend’s intention then friendship will go way ahead than you can think of. But if intention is not right than sooner or later it will end.
(intension clearly means like what other person wants from you in positive or a negative way or his/her aim towards you and yours too)

You may know so many people in your surrounding but you wouldn’t call each and everyone as your friend. And that’s your choice obviously. Because Being in a friendship just for a sake of in it then it’s of no use. And again sooner or later it will end too.
A genuine and true friend : Will always appreciates for positives and always try to make you understand how can you get rid of your negativity but if you wouldn’t even listen keep doing what you want to do then you may loose a good friend of yours. In friendship also you need to throw out that fakeness out of you and show your real picture to your friend and they will work as a mirror and help you out in being a better person.
Being in a friendship is very easy but maintaining it for long term with no grudges is very difficult.
Friends are the one’s who impacts you alot as an individual, Your behavior, things which you do, how to treat others and how to portray yourself in front of others.

To maintain a genuine and true friendship you should : Have the right intention, create trust, take out time to talk, set respect and boundaries, communicated sensibly and humorously too(if other person is ok with it), you should let them know their weaknesses so that they can improve, give them space because you haven’t own any possession over them and they haven’t too over you. and work as a positive strength for them.

One suggestion i wanna give don’t be a friend with someone who is manipulative he/she will destroy you some or the other way. So, choose wisely with whom you want to be a friend. Because it will impact you simultaneously. And if you have no friend or people left you for some of the reason Just stay humble and try to create a bond with nature and animals you’ll find Peace . Treat people with love and respect. Be happy 😊 Unsaidwords ⬅️ check this out for more

Published by Sonu Kaushik

Trying to make this world and myself peaceful by my words.

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