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In a moment

You changed it in a moment My favorite pair of eyes that made me stay.A stranger now Your touch was cold Your words have not love left in them.You tried to tell me other wiseA thousand timesBut no more.stop.stop Don’t tell me things.The winters will be okayI’ll learn to make it mine without you inContinue reading “In a moment”

Game of karma

Have you ever heard about karma?What it is exactly?Minority of people thinks that it’s just nothing but superstition.Karma is creation’s way of payback. Because what you put out into the universe will come back to you in an unpredictable way.Your karma is not in other’s hand. It’s in your hands. Which means how you reactsContinue reading “Game of karma”

Positive thinking

Positive thinking this can impact your life tremendously. Have you ever thought how many of you have this thing in you? You may think that you have. But again ask yourself do you have this thing in you at consistent basis? Can you handle each and every situation the way you want to handle it?Continue reading “Positive thinking”

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